Selective Bookings-- An understatement, as I have no desire to play the game any longer--I keep this site online even though I no longer book hunts ... just to remind me--

Guiding is like marrying a sweet young maiden in your youth, the most beautiful girl in the world, everything you'd ever dreamt of, and then through the years watching her turn into a horrible, nagging witch that delights in vexing your soul--This was my last attempt through the 20+ years of guiding Alaskan hunts at trying to reconcile what I'd lost when I sold what was sacred--I no longer guide--
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After 23 years of guiding I'm so tired of whoring myself out to those who don't understand the communion that I'm stirring this ol' cup of leaves with little regard for what's quiche. It's my desire to weed out those looking for that disneyesque generic that has come to be known in Alaska and elsewhere as a "Wilderness Experience," you know "See the Great Alaskan Bush, wild animals, majestic views, the unique culture, etc., all from our deluxe heated jet boat, and then back to the carpeted lodge for satellite TV and ..." I also want to nix those shopping for an "Alaskan Trophy Hunt" where the guide flys around spotting animals (maybe even gps'ing their location for more deadly results) for the shooters (I have trouble calling it hunting) to assassinate at long range the very next day. If that's your vision of paradise, go elsewhere. I've always offered something well beyond those corpro-production-like limits and offer trips a bit more mystic and essential, more in-tune with the harmony of Creation, like a medicine pipe offered up onto heaven, the mountain sun shining warm on the camp.

You savvy what I'm getting at? I'm telling you to take a friggin' leap as a client if you can't grasp what I'm saying and dig it, I'm not trying to sell you a trip if you don't understand it's sacred when we deal with such primordial links as Earth, Wind, and Fire, Sun and Moon, the whims of weather, the life and death of God's creatures in the tall grass. There's plenty of other outfits running the prepackaged murder incorporated shit, they'll be more than happy to take your booking. I'm just not into being a whore--

That said, I offer my small grain of sand, for like the cosmos that swirls around us, are we not but dust in the wind, polished through the ravage of time, and indeed if you'll allow the luxury of outrageous paradox (using high-tech as a tool), let's try to get past the trap of this New World bullshit and have a real time in the woods, be it a Writer's Retreat, Wilderness Skills Workshop, Hunting, Fishing, Experiential Trips and workshops or perhaps something deeper--Watch your Topknots--Lynus O'Brien

...and so ended the dream after over three decades of hard primal living
Yet I remain-- forever on the long trail, even when standing still, W.J. Lynus O'Brien Alaska Registered Guide RET

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